This October I sold my home in the Hollywood Rivera after living there with my husband and children for almost 50 years. Needless to say it was difficult to leave such a beautiful home and area, but it was time.

I had seen articles written about the wonderful care folks had experienced with a realtor named Igor Nastaskin, so I called him and he came to see my home. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to list my home but he was happy to meet with me anyway.

Well, a few months later I decided to have it listed and I contacted Igor again and the rest is history. He was wonderful to work with. He stayed on top of every issue that came along. He gave 100 % caring service to me and my entire family. It is very traumatic to sell a home you loved so much, but not having to stress with all the issues that came up is because he really helped.

I thank you Igor, and so does my family.

Best to you,

Genny Burchfield