Dear Igor,

Now that a little time has passed since the sale of our house, I wanted to drop a line to say thank you for your hard work and professionalism. It has been exactly 10 years since we initially moved to the Hollywood Riviera and it is with mixed feelings that we are leaving due to our growing family needs. I am comforted though, by the fact that I will not be too far. 

Over these years I have witnessed your successful sale of multiple properties in the area and your prominence in the neighborhood. Therefore when we decided to put our home on the market I already believed that you are the most experienced and the most qualified real estate professional in the area. Seeing you in action indeed, did prove that to me.

Your gentle, polite, and friendly approach to us as clients and methodical approach to pricing of our property was unparalleled. While we had some reservations on the marketing plan, you proved that it was the correct approach. Yet at the same time you minimized any intrusion in our daily lives. Lastly you successfully guided us through our offer, and helped us negotiate terms that were fair and catered to our situation. 

Selling and buying of a house are one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. We are super grateful to you for making it easy and pain-free, and without a doubt I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to move into this area.

Sincerely yours,
Ali Ashrafzadeh, MD