Recently, we decided to sell a house in the Hollywood Riviera area. We live out of state, and we knew Igor Nastaskin both as a former family neighbor and for his reputation and knowledge of area real estate. When we made the decision to sell the house, we didn’t hesitate – we contacted Igor. Not surprisingly, Igor was quick to respond to our inquiry. He explained the system he uses to establish the market value of a home and the process of bringing it to market. We were impressed by the timely manner and thoroughness of his approach. After his presentation and some other consultation, we decided to list the house with Igor. We are very pleased with that decision.

Before agreeing to list the property, we had separately engaged the services of an independent property appraiser, and when Igor proposed a listing price it was within $5,000 of the appraised value (on an approximately $900K property). Again, we were favorably impressed. As soon as we agreed to work with him, Igor began pre-marketing efforts and offered many constructive suggestions, which was especially helpful since we weren’t in the area. He took care of arranging home and pest inspections, before the house even went on the market – and at his expense – so that both we and potential buyers would have realistic expectations during the marketing, negotiating, and completion of the sale process.

We were pleased when very soon Igor presented us with an offer that we attribute directly to his personal marketing efforts. The offer was very reasonable, and we accepted it and the escrow process began. Throughout the remainder of the sales/escrow process, Igor continued his strong efforts on our behalf, making for a smooth and successful completion of the sale. During the entire process Igor worked cooperatively with the buyers and their agent and with us, always making special efforts to see that everyone’s needs and desires were fulfilled to the greatest extent feasible. That we were in another state didn’t slow or impede the process – Igor communicated as if we had been right down the street!

Looking back, we know that our decision to be represented by Igor was the right one. We’ve bought and sold several properties over the years, in multiple states, and in no case did we receive better service than that provided by Igor Nastaskin. We recommend him without reservation.

Bob Holbrook & Patty Dunn