When my 94-year-old mother fell and fractured her tailbone, I knew she could no longer live alone at New Horizons. She had lived in her condo for 43 years.  My dad passed away ten years ago, and she had led an independent life since then.

However, it was evident that now she would need 24/7 assistance.  Researching several assisted senior living residences, we chose Welbrook here in Torrance, right around the corner from New Horizons.  But, the question arose as what to do about her condo?  Since Igor had helped our daughter and family successfully buy and sell in Torrance, there was no question to whom we would turn for selling my mother’s condo.  

After such a long time living there, it really needed fixing up. Igor has an amazing list of professional handymen and craftsmen who upgraded her place, and then an expert stager really decorated the condo well.  With the furniture she chose, it looked awesome.  (Our 5-year-old granddaughter wanted to move in, but we told her she’d have to wait 50 years.)

Would you believe that the day before the open house, a couple fell in love with the condo and the rest is history!  The new owners are so happy to be living at New Horizons, and my mother is extremely grateful to Igor for making the transition so easy.

Kudos to Igor and his crew!

Dale Korman, daughter

Hollywood Riviera Home Owner since 1969