To whom it may concern,

Igor Nastaskin is an outstanding real estate agent.  

We worked together for about six months to find a unique property.   I was looking for a home in the Hollywood Riviera with very specific requirements during a period of low inventory.  This was not an easy commission.

Igor was incredibly knowledgeable, attentive and hard working.  He shared information with me about the local market, general trends, potential listings and even introduced me to former clients.  

When it became evident that my future home wasn’t going to pop up any time soon, he tapped deeper into his network and identified a property that wasn’t even for sale.  He introduced me to the owner and facilitated conversations until we were able to come to an agreement.  The seller and I are now both very happy with the outcome.  

Before this episode, I didn’t understand the value that a good real estate agent can add.   

The competence and professionalism Igor exhibited during this engagement was among the best I’ve seen in any service industry.  I can highly recommend him.  

Dan Pomerantz