I am writing this letter to recommend Igor Nastaskin if you need a realtor. I needed to sell my home in Torrance as a result of a divorce. Years earlier I had spoken to Igor about selling my home. I contacted Igor who ended up listing the home and it sold in early 2011. After selling the home I was eager to get back into the market. I asked Igor if he would help me find a home. Igor recommended that I should wait to purchase a home in order to come to my senses after the divorce. As knee jerk reaction I was going to purchase a home in an area that in the long term would not have been in my best interest. At the moment I knew that Igor was truly looking out for my best interest. Igor gave me the best advice that I could have gotten at that time.

In late 2012, I contacted Igor to get back into the market to purchase a home. After a four month search I purchased a home in Torrance this past December. I moved in the home two days before the end of the year. I am extremely happy with the home and got a really good deal because of Igor’s contacts within the real estate realtors community. Because of Igor’s advice I ended up in a much better home and area.

If you are looking to purchase or selling a home I would highly recommend Igor for your real estate needs. Igor is a true professional and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs.

Daniel Mendoza