Wow…I cannot believe I’ve been in my place, one year in January!!!

I have known Igor for as long as I’ve been up in the Hollywood Riviera, so it was a ‘no-brainer’ to ask for his help and guidance to find my place.  And I wasn’t disappointed!  I gave Igor my specifications and he followed it to a ‘T’!!  He even went above and beyond my specs to help me find a place that he felt was a perfect fit for me….and he was right!

Buyers’ remorse was never an issue.  I have loved every waking moment in my new condominium.

Not only did Igor give me good advice on buying my property, he also helped me find contacts for moving and also for fixing up the house we sold…..both invaluable resources!  He also advised me on homeowners insurance…which I was clueless about!

All in all, Igor is a gem in the South Bay, especially in the Hollywood Riviera.  I would recommend him for any and all real estate transactions, or even just for advise.  You won’t be disappointed!

Eileen Kaiser