We have lived in three different cities over a lifetime, and each time we were lucky to find very professional agents to sell our home. But only Igor made us feel as though we were his only clients, and that our home was his top priority.

Was he readily available by phone from morning to early evening whenever we needed to speak to him? Absolutely. Not only was he quick to respond, but during the mad flurry of escrow questions and answers he made sure to send emails to both me and my wife, so that no detail would be missed.

Igor was amazingly generous with the time he dedicated to us. We called on him in two separate stages, first when we were not yet ready to sell but wanted detailed information about price and salability. He spent over an hour with us and returned a few days later with an architect to give us further advice.

The second time was a few years later. We were finally ready to sell, and he came supplied with complete brochures of comparable homes, prices, and photos that showed us exactly where we stood in the current market. He clearly knew the Hollywood Riviera as intimately as his own home. All of this without the slightest hint of salesmanship, but with a friendly manner and winning smile that put us completely at ease.

In less than two weeks, Igor found a committed buyer. His personal commitment really shone during the detailed process of signing escrow documents. He didn’t just show patience with our fussy demands for explanations, but he went through them with clarity and relaxed informality.

We remain grateful for his flexible ability to adjust to our personality and needs.