We had the pleasure of having Igor Nastaskin represent us as home buyers in the summer of 2012. We were moving back to the Los Angeles area from several years out of state. We both grew up in Southern California but had moved away and started a family. So with two young children none of our previous knowledge about areas in Los Angeles really applied.

Igor showed us around several areas, all the while talking to us about what we liked and didn’t about the areas and houses we were seeing. With Igor’s help we narrowed it down to the one area for us. Unfortunately there wasn’t much available. When we started to look in adjacent areas trying to find an option Igor was against it. We remember thinking, “its only a 2 mile difference” but Igor was concerned we would regret it if we didn’t wait to get the neighborhood we wanted.

Of course, as soon as we headed back to Colorado with nothing to show for our trips, Igor found the perfect place. As with any home purchase there were bumps along the way to close but Igor navigated them smoothly, keeping us calm along the way.

Now that we have been in the house for 6 months we can see that Igor was completely right. This is the perfect house and neighborhood for us. We could not recommend Igor more highly, and would happily use him again for any real estate transaction.

Sincerely yours,
Rick & Leslie Capstraw