On behalf of all our family, I want to take this opportunity to thank Igor for the amazing job he did of selling our family home in the Hollywood Riviera. Our parents were the original owners of this house, which had been in the family for sixty-three years, and the work involved in putting it on the market was extensive. Igor excelled at every step in this process.

With no family members still residing in the South Bay and with only two still in Southern California, Igor took charge of the process for us, arranging for the painting, minor repairs, and staging that were necessary to show off the house to its best. The skilled workers and subcontractors he arranged for were all outstanding in the work they delivered, and we were constantly impressed by Igor’s sound judgement, breadth of knowledge, and good taste. He also walked us through every step of the escrow process, insuring we understood where we were in the process and what would happen next.

Selling a home that had belonged to the family for more than six decades was an emotional process for us, but Igor handled every part of the transaction with thoughtfulness and sensitivity – we were as pleased with Igor’s understanding of our needs as a family as we were with the fact that the house ended up selling for well over its original asking price.

Working with Igor was a pleasure throughout, and we would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the South Bay.