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Potential Problems in a Bedroom Virtual Tour

If you’re using a video tour to get a closer look at the house you are interested in purchasing, you’ll want to be sure and give the bedrooms more than a passing glance. After all, a bedroom isn’t jus...

good relationship agent

How To Build a Good Relationship with Your Real Estate Agent

When you purchase a home, your agent will essentially serve as a business partner because you’re both working toward the same goal: closing a real estate deal. That’s why it’s in your best interest no...

Home Inspector

What to Ask a Home Inspector Before, During and After a Home Inspection

When you buy a house, you know that your home inspector will check it out and make sure it’s in decent shape. But if you want to get to know your home beyond its pretty facade, you also should be sure...

Terranea turs Pink in Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness

Terranea Goes Pink For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

L.A.’s premier oceanfront luxury resort along the Palos Verdes Peninsula is bringing back its annual “Terranea Turns Pink” initiative during the month of October, complete with a portion of the procee...

perfect home second home Hollywood Riviera

Buying a Second Home in the Hollywood Riviera? Here are 5 Things You Should Know

Purchasing a vacation getaway in the Hollywood Riviera can be a smart financial choice, especially if you plan on using it several times a year and renting it out for extra income the rest of the time...

Title Insurance

Why Title Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

When buying a home, you’ll also have to purchase various types of insurance to protect your property, and one of the most important types you might need is title insurance. Exactly what is title insur...


Kitchen Looks Currently Trending on Instagram

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading a backsplash and countertops, or just adding some chic new seating, here are five favorite kitchen looks from Instagram that are trending right now. 1. Glass ca...

vacation home

Is a Pandemic a Good Time to Buy a Vacation Home?

While most of us have been cooped up in our apartments and houses, it may have crossed your mind that now would be the ideal time to finally purchase your dream vacation home. After all, mortgage rate...

Summer Home Tasks

4 Summer Home Tasks to Add to Your To-Do List

While deep cleaning your home and getting rid of dirt and dust is important, you shouldn’t forget to take care of heavy-duty home maintenance tasks as well. Seasonal home maintenance is key to keeping...

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