• November 27, 2017
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The kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in any home. So, when it comes time to sell, you’ll want to make sure it’s not only functional but appealing as well. Here, Zillow offers five signs that scream for a kitchen upgrade.

1. Outdated appliances

If you still have the same appliances as you did when you first moved in to your home, they likely are outdated. This means they usually are less attractive and drain more energy than newer models on the market. If you do decide to upgrade, be sure to consult a professional electrician to make sure everything is wired properly and up to code.

2. Damage and wear

Damage beyond normal wear and tear needs to be addressed. For example, water damage from a leaking refrigerator or dishwasher can cause mold on and underneath the flooring or peeling on the countertops, floors and walls, depending on the materials. Cracked, peeling or chipped countertops and floors also are prime spots for dangerous bacteria to reside. And even clean counters and floors with stains can cause buyers to think twice if they’re considering purchasing your home. Upgrading to newer counters made from a durable material such as granite is a good investment that can last practically a lifetime.

3. Not enough counter space

Ideally, your counters always should be clutter-free, and everything should have an easily accessible place. Adding more counter space doesn’t have to mean tearing down walls and completely redoing the layout. If your floor plan allows, installing an island is a simple way to add counter space. And if it’s just the clutter that’s the problem, adding larger cabinets or deeper drawers will increase storage.

 4. You can’t find anything

A disorganized kitchen makes it difficult to find anything, which can cause anxiety over cooking and render a kitchen useless. A fresh design and organization strategy is a worthy investment that will help prospective buyers see that they will enjoy the cooking process.

 5. Your house won’t sell

Although saving for your new home often is the priority when moving, upgrading your current kitchen before you go is an investment that may very well pay for itself. Home shoppers often gravitate first toward the kitchen. So, if you’ve been having trouble selling your home and the kitchen’s outdated that could be the reason. Buyers usually are more interested in move-in ready homes that require little or no remodeling. A more appealing, upgraded kitchen can be a motivating factor for buyers, hopefully resulting in less time on the market and a better selling price.