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Five Important Things to Do Right Away After Moving

Regardless of how organized you are, moving is a very big chore. It will take time to get everything just right and in order, but there are a few things that you should do right away as soon as you get moved.

1. Install New Locks: Even if the last occupants handed you their keys, you really have no way of knowing how many other people have keys to your new home. Change the locks on every door for your own safety.

2. Get the Painting Done: If possible, do any indoor painting first before you open all of your packed boxes. This will make the job much easier with less chance of ruining your belongings.

3. Check Your Belongings for Damage: Those who hire movers need to check carefully to make sure that their major appliances, electronics and other valuables weren’t lost or damaged during the move. The time is usually short for reporting these problems, so act quickly for a better chance at reimbursement from the company.

4. Document Your New Home With Photos: Renters should always take pictures of their new residence to ensure that their security deposit will be returned. Buyers also need to take photos in case damages occurred after the initial inspection and before the last owners vacated the property.

5. Register Your Vehicle: If you’ve moved to another state, you’ll need to register your car in your new state as soon as possible. Big tickets can pile up on a car with out-of-state plates.