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Getting to Know Your Riviera Neighbors: Lisa Lunzer and a Life-Long Career in Insurance Sales

When Lisa Lunzer graduated from college she knew she wanted a career that would allow her to work flexible hours and earn a fair living wage. She also knew she wanted a career that involved a product or service she truly believed in. A job selling health and life insurance fit the bill to a tee. “My parents and grandparents all suffered from major illness, so I knew firsthand the benefits of having good life and health insurance and I’ve believed in those products my whole life,” says Lisa. “So it was an easy choice for me to go into the insurance business straight from college.

That was 38 years ago and I’m still an insurance broker.” Much has changed in the insurance industry in the decades since Lisa entered the workforce, most recently with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. “The health insurance business has gone through much turmoil and many changes in the last decade, and it’s certainly not the industry it once was,” said Lisa. “However, I’m determined to roll with the changes and do the best I can to help my clients with the insurance products available.”

The flexible hours of Lisa’s job were ideal when her two sons were growing up, allowing her to be involved with their activities and always home when school was out, yet still get her work done. Today, she’s finding those flexible hours are just as valuable as she spends time with her grandchildren. “My clients aren’t surprised to see emails sent at 4:00 am from me,” says Lisa. “I get up early or stay up late to get my work done so I can be there for my family. It’s a win-win.” Lisa and her husband, Dave, moved to the Riviera from Seattle in 1986. They were looking for a community that would foster a family lifestyle and fit in with their personal values of family first.

When they happened upon the Hollywood Riviera they knew they found the perfect place to raise their sons and live out their Golden Years. Both of their sons attended our local schools – Riviera Elementary, Richardson Middle and South High —– and then went on to earn engineering degrees at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Their granddaughters will also attend Torrance Unified Schools.

“Health and life insurance give people peace of mind,” said Lisa. ”But so does where you live. And living in the Riviera gives me and my family a real sense of comfort. It’s something I’m grateful for every day.”

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