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Kitchen Looks Currently Trending on Instagram


Whether you’re thinking about upgrading a backsplash and countertops, or just adding some chic new seating, here are five favorite kitchen looks from Instagram that are trending right now.

1. Glass cabinetry

Looking to make your kitchen feel more open? Glass cabinetry might be just the thing. A popular choice in new-home construction, its intrinsic aesthetic appeal resonates with most modern designs. The transparency of the glass also gives the appearance of a larger space that wouldn’t be achieved with closed cabinetry.

2. Slate countertops

While dark-gray cabinets might be quite the thing lately, it turns out that slate countertops also can elevate a kitchen design. If your countertops are in need of a little TLC, these trending beauties could be the perfect solution. Not only are they timeless, authentic and organic, the material also is soft, smooth and cool to touch, which offers a wonderful sensory experience.

3. Gradient backsplash

Want to upgrade your kitchen with a little personality? Try a unique gradient backsplash creation to add color to an otherwise conventional design. Gradient transitions allow for either a subtle movement between similar hues or a more striking movement connecting vastly different color palettes

4. Contemporary cushioned barstools

A kitchen island or bar is never complete without a few barstools, and modern cushioned ones seem to be eliciting doses of both comfort and class to the home’s culinary center these days. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the function is still there, while also adding in softer and more feminine elements that will carry style throughout the home.

5. Glass globe pendants

Bring some modern farmhouse flair to your kitchen with some rustic glass globe pendants. Currently experiencing a resurgence in design spaces due to its versatility and clean aesthetic, the timeless globe design lends itself to both urban and classic kitchen spaces. It’s also highly adaptable, as the glass globe pendants can be used as flush mounts, singular pendants or in groups as large statement pieces.