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New Redondo Mayor reflects on King Harbor Project

As 2013 turns into 2014, I am most excited about the amazing renovations and revitalizations taking place in Redondo Beach in the Riviera Village along the waterfront, and all around town. Newly elected Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel recently confirmed that Redondo Beach will move forward with the new revitalization of the King Harbor Pier!

Along with a brand new Shade Hotel, and over 15 acres of brand new construction including the pier itself, the harbor, and surrounding areas on the beach,  new businesses and restaurants and better pedestrian access will make King Harbor even more splendid for locals and tourists alike.

In his own words, Aspel recently said to a local beach newspaper (http://www.easyreadernews.com/79126/redondo-beach-mayor-reflects-state-city/):

The environmental review is now underway on their waterfront village concept. This review may take 18 months and go through many iterations. While every planned development will have some critics, I see the ultimate goal as transforming our harbor into a place where every citizen, locals, and visitors, will bring their friends and family to gather and enjoy.

When the new King Harbor pier and waterfront are unveiled, Redondo Beach will have many proud locals beaming with pride. This renovation is just one more step towards making Redondo Beach even more livable, walkable, and enjoyable for residents.

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