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Today’s Kitchen Trends That Millenials Want

Today’s Kitchen Trends

Thirty-five percent of millennials who own a home or are likely to purchase a home in the next few years said the kitchen is the most important room when it comes to the house hunt, according to a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 millennials conducted by meal kit delivery company HelloFresh. Forty-eight percent said they would be more encouraged to cook at home more often if they had an “updated/amazing kitchen.” But what makes a kitchen amazing? Teaming up with HelloFresh, Redfin analyzed the listing descriptions of millions of homes that have been placed on the market during the past eight years and tracked how often specific kitchen terms are mentioned. Here, some insight into what is believed to be the key selling features.


When it comes to countertops, granite is a rock-solid choice, but quartz is a notable up-and-comer

So far this year, 3.7 percent of all listings included a mention of granite, making it the most common keyword Redfin analyzed. Marble also is growing in popularity. In 2010, 0.4 percent of listings mentioned marble, compared with 0.7 percent of listings in 2018. While marble is mentioned more often than quartz, quartz is growing in popularity at a faster rate.


Stainless steel remains the standard for appliances

Stainless steel was the second most-frequently mentioned the keyword in Redfin’s analysis, appearing in 2.4 percent of all listings thus far in 2018. This stalwart trend shows no sign of falling out of favor.



Buyers still love breakfast bars and islands

Appearing in 1.25 percent of all listings this year so far, the breakfast bar was the third-most commonly mentioned keyword and continues to grow in use. In 2010, just 0.3 percent of listings mentioned the term. Many buyers are keen on kitchen islands. In the HelloFresh survey, 64 percent of respondents said a big island is a must-have feature in their dream kitchen.


Maple cabinets are out; farmhouse sinks and tile backsplashes are in

When it comes to kitchen decor choices, maple cabinets appear to be falling out of favor. Sellers instead are choosing to highlight tile backsplashes and farmhouse sinks. In 2010, only 0.1 percent of listings mentioned a tile backsplash compared to 0.8% in 2018. While listings that mention farmhouse sinks represent a tiny share of all listings, the growth rate in the use of the term has been at more than 40 percent for the past five years. Mentions of ‘tile backsplash’ have also been consistently growing since 2010.


Buyers adore the entertaining extras

Use of the keywords outdoor kitchen, wine fridge and double oven are rising in popularity. This includes kitchens with a dedicated beverage area, with a wine fridge below and an attractive place to display barware above, along with a double oven and outdoor kitchen area. Although these features are considered standard in luxury homes, they are becoming more popular in mid-priced homes and can really set a listing apart from others.