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perfect home second home Hollywood Riviera

Buying a Second Home in the Hollywood Riviera? Here are 5 Things You Should Know

Purchasing a vacation getaway in the Hollywood Riviera can be a smart financial choice, especially if you plan on using it several times a year and renting it out for extra income the rest of the time...

Title Insurance

Why Title Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

When buying a home, you’ll also have to purchase various types of insurance to protect your property, and one of the most important types you might need is title insurance. Exactly what is title insur...

vacation home

Is a Pandemic a Good Time to Buy a Vacation Home?

While most of us have been cooped up in our apartments and houses, it may have crossed your mind that now would be the ideal time to finally purchase your dream vacation home. After all, mortgage rate...

perfect home second home Hollywood Riviera

Why the ‘Good Enough’ Home Might Be the ‘Perfect Home’

While you might have an idea of what your perfect home would entail, you might find that actually purchasing that home that dreams are made of could end up overextending you financially. That’s when a...


Things Your Movers Wish You Knew

If you recently purchased a new home and you’re thinking about hiring a professional to move your belongings, you’ll want to pay close attention to these seven things your movers wish you knew about h...

A Guide to Buying a Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Does the coronavirus have you thinking twice about home shopping during the typically active spring real estate season? While home buyers would otherwise be checking out properties, negotiating and cl...

amenites redondo beach

Redondo Beach Neighborhood Amenities to Look into Before Purchasing a Home

If you’re seeking a new home in Redondo Beach, research is key when it comes to making the right choice. After all, what’s around it can sometimes matter just as much as what’s in it. That means you’l...

How to Avoid Some Major Home-Buying Pitfalls

Want to avoid potential mishaps and home-buying Pitfalls? Heed this advice from realtor.com that’s based on the experiences of people who’ve gone through the process many times. Here, some tips on how...

Asking price

5 Factors That Can Influence a Home’s Asking Price

Never dismiss a house for being too expensive until you know the variety of reasons a home’s asking price is the way it is.  In fact, understanding the reasoning behind a home’s price tag can ma...

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