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Quite the Catch: Riviera Siblings Launch Fresh Seafood Business

Growing up in the Ito’s Hollywood Riviera household, it’s no surprise that Matt, Blake, Claire, and Mica were hooked on seafood from an early age. Fresh yellowfin tuna. Succulent red snapper. Delicate opah. Family dinners were a smorgasbord of sushi, sashimi, and grilled fish thanks to dad Rex Ito, whose Prime Time Seafood business sells fresh fish to food servicers and restaurant chains nationwide.

The Ito kids, now in their twenties, dipped their toes into the seafood business during their years at South High by selling their father’s fresh fish to neighbors in the Hollywood Riviera. Their after-school business was a huge hit and whet their appetite to follow in their father’s footsteps. So it’s no surprise that earlier this year, the Ito siblings took their fishmonger heritage a step farther by launching their own business, the Riviera Seafood Club, which ships fresh fish directly to homes in California.

“We’re like the farm-to-table movement, but for us, it’s the ocean to table,” said Matt Ito, the oldest of the four Ito siblings.

“Our seafood goes from the fisherman to our warehouse, to fed ex arrival at your door, so it’s extremely fresh and flavorful. It doesn’t sit around at a distribution facility or grocery store before it’s on your dinner plate.”

Riviera Seafood Club sells only sustainable, responsibly sourced seafood. Current offerings include Pacific red snapper (whole and filets), premium sashimi-grade tuna, Bluefin tuna (toro), select searing grade tuna, kampachi (amberjack)  filets, wild-caught shrimp and arctic char.

Ordering the seafood is as easy as going to You can also reach them via email at info@rivieraseafood.com. Check out their website for handy how-to videos, such as step-by-step instructions on how to cook seared ahi. Ready to try delicious fresh fish delivered right to your door?

Go to www.rivieraseafood.com and get $15 off your first order (new customers only) with this code: IgorSaidSo15.