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Riviera Resident Teaches the Art and Science of Self-Healing

Though he’s a Boeing engineer by trade, Amean Hameed’s life’s work involves more than just designing aeronautics. Amean is a founding member of HealingPAQ, a non-profit organization that promotes healing ourselves, others and the earth with love. After using self-healing measures on himself for many years, Amean created HealingPAQ in 2006 to help others access love, joy, peace and compassion to address their physical, mental and emotional challenges.

“About 30 years ago I noticed I was losing my calmness and state of peace, so I decided to explore various self-healing and meditation techniques,” said Amean.

“As I practiced them daily, I quickly saw the health benefits. For example, I used to get headaches a few times a week, but they disappeared. I’m 60 years old now and I don’t take any medication and rarely get sick.”

With his educational foundation, HealingPAQ, Amean teaches others how to maintain optimum health and vitality live in harmony with nature and move toward wholeness. It’s a journey of self-discovery that can facilitate emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual expression. HealingPAQ teaches the universal laws of health and the art and science of self-healing with one-on-one sessions, weekly classes and podcasts. Guided meditations and healing downloads are also available.

Amean, his wife, Anne, and their two sons moved to the Riviera in 1998. “The Riviera is an amazing environment filled with expanded energy,” said Amean.

“We’ve always loved the feel of this community and plan to stay here forever.”

HealingPAQ classes teach an integration of Sufism and Taoism philosophies in respect to whole person health.

“Every one of us has an amazing ability to heal ourselves with loving our body, thoughts and emotions and integrating an expanded state of wellbeing,” said Amean. “That is our birth right. When we are willing to tap into such a state then we bless every

event that happens to us and find the golden nugget in the experience. When we learn how to tap into the energy of oneness, we move toward wholeness while at the same time having fun.”

To learn more about HealingPAQ, visit www.healingpaq.org.

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