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10 Daring Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2019

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Realtor.com consulted with dozens of design experts from coast to coast to unveil the biggest decor trends we’ll see in 2019. Here, the results:


  1. Artisanal accessories

Anything that looks like the work of a detail-obsessed artisan will be right at home in 2019. Whether it’s a handcrafted headboard, a standout chair or a custom metal-framed mirror, a few artisanal elements will keep things interesting without the pressure to commit an entire space to the look. Once upon a time, only bespoke cabinetry and other woodwork was widely available. Now, you can find anything from sinks to shower-door hardware to wall decor from really cool vendors.


  1. Warm Neutrals

Rooms have been slathered in icy, aloof grays for quite a while now. But in 2019, the pros say this neutral’s cool edge will thaw a bit. A much more elegant choice: Neutrals with classic sensibilities such as warm beige or taupe. This all-around warmup also should bring a fresh slate of fleshier, pinker naturals in the coming year.


  1. All shades of pink

Speaking of pink, the flowery hue still is decidedly in the moment. You’ll continue to see the pale “millennial” variety, of course, but get comfortable with her bolder raspberry-toned sister making a statement. In fact, the audacious shade will be right at home even in a prominent spot—like your kitchen cabinets. On your walls, however, expect a less pink pink—it’ll be all about those peach tones. This shade is surprisingly versatile, pairing well with mustard, orange or even dark green.


  1. Tweed

While velvet can pack a sophisticated punch, it sometimes can seem stuffy. That’s why design gurus envision a star turn for tweed, a tightly woven wool that shares velvet’s impact but isn’t quite as extra. Tweeds are similarly rich and expensive-feeling without being costume-like. Tweeds also play well with velvet and other fabrics, so you can mix and match pieces easily.


  1. Terrazzo

Made from a mix of glass, granite, marble or quartz chips suspended in a polished cement or resin, this Mid-century mainstay was once the de-facto flooring option in schools, hospitals and airports, thanks to its durability and thrifty price tag. But these days, terrazzo has reemerged as a retro-luxe choice, popping up in every room of the house. Larger patterns in lots of shades give this throwback a fresh feel on everything from coffee tables to shower walls.


  1. Contrasting tile and colored grout

You’ve probably already noticed intricate tiles—Moroccan, herringbone and other geometrics—swooping in to take the place of the ubiquitous white subway tile. But tile is expected to get even more interesting in 2019: Expect to see colored grout and contrasting tile on the walls and floor. Like wallpaper, tile is an easy way to create a focal point in the room. Think dark tiles with light grout and vice-versa for a punch of dimension and texture. Aiming for a more monochromatic vibe? Just sync the tile and grout to match. It’s a thoughtful detail that can really make a bathroom look more expensive.


  1. Black kitchens

In 2019, designers say we’ll embrace black kitchens to help impart a sleek, rich feel and modern ambiance, and it’s a risky choice you should be willing to take. Think dark or black wood tones for the cabinetry, paired with gold hardware and lighting, white countertops and light wood flooring. It makes for the ideal combo of modern and organic.


  1. Curvy furniture

Intimate conversation is making a comeback thanks to more curvaceous sofas, settees, and chairs. Gone are the days of big, boxy sofas—granted, they will always have a place in an oversized room or basement—with more and more of those looks being replaced by curvier forms, which in the past were used primarily in formal (and uncomfortable) living rooms. Today, the curved sofa and chair have maintained their elegance but added comfort—which is key.


  1. A new crop of florals

There’s a theory in the interior design world that what we see on the fashion runways in spring and fall will dictate what appears in our home decor the following year. And this year, Paris and New York were all about florals.

So, expect florals to show up in stores on bedding, pillows, chairs and wallpaper, including blooms that are big, bold and often abstract.


  1. Dog showers

Expect 2019 to go to the dogs, particularly with a trend toward dog showers in the vicinity of the mudroom. The ability to walk your dog into a wet space and clean them up is a quick and easy solution. A dog shower also doesn’t require much square footage, and doors are unnecessary. But if you’re feeling ambitious, you can decorate with lively tiles.

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