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Five Great Ways to Save Money While Living Green in the New Year

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Green living has become a popular concept, and that’s excellent news for the environment and the pocketbooks of homeowners. Try some of these great eco-friendly innovations for better living this year.

1. Solar-Charged Batteries: With the new solar-powered rechargeable home battery, you can harness the power of the sun for clean electricity. The solar panels store energy all day so that you can use it at night to cut down on your electric bill.

2. Smart Lighting: Energy-efficient light bulbs that are combined with smart lighting dimmers and sensors could eliminate 60 percent of your yearly energy usage. This enables you to control your lighting from anywhere and turn off lights automatically when no one is home or everyone has gone to bed.

3. Smart Heating Controls: With savings of up to 12 percent a year on heating and 15 percent on cooling, you’ll want to start using a smart thermostat. This can be programmed to change your temperature to appropriate settings when you are away or sleeping.

4. Community Solar Power: The installation of solar panels could save you as much as $130 each month, but it’s an expensive upgrade. You should check to see if your community offers the distribution of solar power that is generated from a central position.

5. Electric Cars: No longer just for the rich, you can now easily find an electric car that fits your budget. Some models even promise up to 200 miles per charge.

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