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Local Riviera Resident Amean Hameed Helps Others Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

Driving home from his job as an associate technical fellow in Information Technology (IT) at Boeing, Riviera resident Amean Hameed always passed by a studio offering aerial aerobics. Not sure what it was, but always up for trying something new, he decided to stop in and check it out. Amean was so smitten with what he experienced that day eight years ago, he’s been flying high – literally, ever since.

Aerial aerobics, also called aerial arts or acrobatics, allows participants to exercise while dancing in the air with the aid of hoops, hammocks, and long strands of silk.  For anyone familiar with Cirque de Soleil, it’s easy to picture this beautiful form of exercise. Aerial arts provide a full-body workout, helping to strengthen muscles while improving flexibility, all with lower impact to the joints because it’s performed in mid-air. But just as important as the physical benefits, aerial aerobics provide stress relief for many because of the mental focus, self-realization, and self-awareness required.

“The first thing I noticed when I started aerial aerobics is my persistent lower back ache disappeared,” said Amean, who retired last year after 33 years with Boeing.

“But I also realized how mentally therapeutic the practice is as you relax into the movements, face your fears and trust yourself. The discipline you learn in aerial arts can be used in everyday life. It teaches you self-love.”

Amean became so advanced in aerial arts he taught classes in a local studio until COVID shutdowns forced many South Bay locations to go out of business. To keep himself and his students immersed in the benefits of exercising off the ground, Amean bought an aerial aerobics rig and started giving classes in his backyard. With students ranging in age from 7 to 61, Amean is helping others experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercising while suspended in the air.

“Aerial aerobics is a form of self-expression that lets you flow in the divine river of love, joy, peace, and compassion,” said Amean, a meditator and self-healer for 33 years.

“Unlike most exercises, such as yoga or Pilates, which are two dimensional, this is a three-dimensional art that uses gravity to shape, sculpt and stretch the body and de-stress the mind.”

Amean, his wife Anne, and their two sons have lived in the Hollywood Riviera since 1998 and love the energy of the area.

To learn more about aerial arts classes with Amean, as well as his educational foundation, Healing PAQ, call or text him at 310-938-2099, email him at amean@healingpaq.org,  or go to www.healingpaq.org.