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Redondo Beach Keeps Its Local Charm

Redondo Beach’s Riviera Village neighborhood is filled with charming, local stores all walking distance from the beach and adjacent residential neighborhoods. There are neighborhood festivals, like the Riviera Village Summer Festival and a farmer’s market as well. The Riviera is not struggling with its identity, while the other beach cities, such as Manhattan Beach, are fighting to find a way to keep chains out and local mom and pop stores in. Downtown Manhattan Beach used to be a local haven for local business owners, but they find that they’ve been pushed out by larger chains. Manhattan Beach residents are feeling the change and are not exactly happy with it. Many locals come to the Riviera Village for that small-town charm and feel.  In fact, it feels very much like a small, French coastal town.

The local support from the Riviera Village Business Improvement District is partly responsible for the benches, wide sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, a wishing well, and even a shuttle service for visitors staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

You can find out more about the great local events and shops in the Riviera Village at www.rivieravillage.org, and at their Facebook.