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Setting the perfect South Bay home price

real-estate-concept-2-1388609-mThe South Bay is one of the areas of Southern California that has recently seen a rapid rise in home value due to high demand. The gorgeous weather, great local school system, and the quality of life by the beach is an undeniable draw, making all South Bay property worth more than comparable homes elsewhere in the state. The closer a home gets to the beach itself, the more expensive it becomes. Ocean views are a massive plus to any balcony or backyard, and they can drive the price of a home up alone.

Pricing in the South Bay, however, can be a delicate balance. Sellers have expectations, and so do buyers, and the market may be fluctuating day to day. It’s not a good idea to list the home for more than it is actually worth, but listing it low in the hopes of getting many bids and selling quickly is also a disservice to the seller. It’s my job to make sure that I know the right price to set for each, individual home in my areas of expertise. This involves closely following the market and employing my years of experience as an agent in the area.

In my experience, it is never a good idea to be *too* precise. A round number is best and indicates that you are willing to negotiate. A very precise number indicates that you will not be negotiating at all. It’s also a well-known sales strategy to use the number 9 – $999,000 can subconsciously look like a better price than $1,000,000, for instance. No matter what, the buyer should feel that they’re getting a fair deal. I also feel that setting the price too low may generate many offers, but the offer may not be the best one based on the initial price. Sometimes, setting the listing price higher ensures quality offers.

Setting a South Bay home listing price is a delicate process and needs a skilled professional, like myself, to work. Let me know how I can help you set your home listing value and help you through the selling process.