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Third Thursdays in the Riviera Village

Have you heard of “Third Thursdays” in the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach? They’re just one more charming local tradition. Every third Thursday of every month, there is live music and shops stay open until 8:00 pm. Artists and musicians line the sidewalks and local residents shop and enjoy vendors’ food.

Third Thursdays was started in March 2014 by Royce Morales, the owner of local yoga studio Harmony Works, and Stella Tetenbaum, owner of store Le Tete. Normally, shops are not open past 6:00 pm, so this is a real treat. It’s a great way to promote community and local businesses. If you want to experience a Third Thursday for yourself, you can visit Harmony Works, Le Tete, Dion Gallery, Cami Soil, Eyedentity, Nu Shuz, Village Garden, Ten Thousand Villages, Village Runner, Moondancer, M’Pressions, Dance Forever, Always Fabulous, Frings and the French Farmhouse, which will all be open late.

Restaurants participating in Third Thursdays include Casa Playa, Sacks at The Beach, Tapas and Vinos, Hennessey’s, Mickey Finns, L&L Barbeque, Pedone’s, Turquoise and Coffee Cartel. You can learn more about Third Thursdays on the official Riviera Village website — www.rivieravillage.org.