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5 Home Amenities That Could Be a Waste of Cash

As a home buyer, you want to make sure every dollar counts. But sometimes price can be inflated by sought-after home amenities that you might not even use. Here, realtor.com tells you how to identify them and strategize accordingly.

1. A huge yard

Sellers charge a premium for grass, and you’ll spend even more on maintenance. It’s nice if you will use it, but if not you’re just tossing money out the window.

2. Short commute

If you work from home or are retired, don’t pay extra for a place near mass transit or office areas.

3. Top school district

A home in a great school district will get top dollar. But if you don’t plan to have kids, go outside the school zone. You’ll save on price and property taxes.

4. Single story

Homes on all the same level tend to be more expensive. If you can handle stairs, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

5. Too much house

It’s tempting to buy a house bigger than you really need. Don’t overpay for rooms you won’t use.

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