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Are You a ‘Move-up’ Buyer?

Many people in the South Bay realize that we’re now entering a seller’s market. Buyers are clamoring for Riviera Village properties and there just aren’t enough being listed to satisfy the demand. Because of this, prices have steadily risen in 2013 and promise to stay high in 2014 even if more people begin listing properties for sale.

You might be realizing that now is the time to sell your home in Redondo Beach because you can get a great price for it and sell it in no time at all. But there’s just one problem: where do you go next?

That’s right, inventory is tight, so you will have to look and be one of those buyers in a seller’s market. If you have to sell your property in order to buy a new one, things can get complicated. But there is one thing that can be a great bonus when selling your home in a market like this: you can get a great price and become a ‘move up’ buyer.

A ‘move up’ buyer is a buyer that sells one property and then purchases a new home that is bigger, or more luxurious, or in a better neighborhood, and that reflects their increasing prosperity. There is almost no better place in California for looking for a move-up home than the South Bay. Have you always wanted to live on The Strand but were holding onto your current property because property values were low? Have you dreamed about owning a Hermosa townhouse, or a Palos Verdes hillside mansion? Now is the time to get a great price for your current South Bay home and move up into the home you have always wanted.

I guarantee that your old home is someone’s idea of a perfect move-up.