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Sustainable Redondo Beach

Did you know that Redondo Beach is a “sustainable” neighborhood? It is. A sustainable neighborhood is one that makes the environment, day-to-day quality of life, transportation, energy, and community a priority when making building, budget, and zoning decisions. Redondo Beach makes a concerted effort to conserve resources to increase future livability. This is a big deal: many cities don’t seek to be sustainable or don’t have the budget to make it a main concern.

The City of Redondo Beach has created a three-year Strategic Plan that is all about sustainable development:  building and design that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”Redondo Beach is very concerned about future generations and what their lives will be like here.

Mostly, the city seeks to ensure that the coastline above all is not compromised by destructive development. You can actually read the Redondo Beach Sustainable Development Strategic Plan. Like Hermosa Beach, Redondo has a “Green Task Force” to educate the city and locals on better environmental management.

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