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Customizing Your Experience

Customer relations are the core of my business; if you are not happy, I have not done my job. I understand that every client is different and will have very different needs, and I am prepared to do my job in the way that you need me to.

Because of my need to make you happy as a customer, I try to do all I can to stay competitive and genuinely helpful as a South Bay real estate agent.

For instance, I stay up to date on the latest technology. Do you want to text me some questions? To watch an online video walk-through tour of a home before you view it in person? Assess the neighborhood and the school ratings? I can help you gather that up-to-the-minute information and I will be available electronically and with digital assets for you to view. In short, convenience is the keyword.

It is critical to stay abreast of new things, but that doesn’t mean that good listening and insight isn’t just as important. You have a unique vision for your property, and I need to listen to what that is and to genuinely understand it. Your listing is special; your new property is going to have a profound impact on your life. I expect to be very involved in helping make these transactions run smoothly and to your satisfaction mainly through vigilance and understanding.

I try to customize your experience; no two clients have the same needs, so no two clients will have the same experience with me as their agent. To some, I will be the knowledgeable salesman, to others a confidant to navigate the mazes of the current South Bay real estate industry. But no matter what, I will be thinking of how to make your experience the very best one I can.