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Riviera Teen Excels in Autocross

The family that races together stays together. That could be the motto or the Christopher family, Riviera residents for the past 11 years.

Kencey Christopher, who is 17, has been autocross racing since the age of 9. Her dad, KJ, has raced most ofhis life. And her mom, Stacey, used to race herself.

Kencey started her racing career in junior karts, as do all those who pursue this sport from ages 5 to 16. As a member of the Sports Car Club of America, once a month or so she and her family make the trek to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Once there they enjoy socializing with the many other families they’ve gotten to know over the years who also are passionate about autocross.

Kencey puts on her helmet, buckles herself into the car she and her dad carefully crafted and maintain, and then she’s off for a 60-80 second race where agility counts more than speed.

Plenty of safety precautions are in place for everyone involved, including helmet requirements and staggered starts.

When Kencey is not racing, sheen joys drawing and sewing. A recent homeschool graduate, she hopes to parlay those skills into a career in costume design.

But nothing will keep Kencey from her cars. She’s an avid fan ofFormula 1 races and plans to be an autocross racer herself the rest of her life. You go girl! We’re cheering you on.

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